Feng Shui at home

In Feng Shui philosophy, Tao is the concept that describes our connection with nature creating balance, peace, wellbeing and stability.

After been in contact with the countryside or the beach, returning to the city can interrupt the flow of energy. But to change your house and redecorate it introducing plants, will provide not only the balance of the Tao, but an extra of creativity when introducing the green colour.

How to do it?

It does not work with placing a plant in the middle of the room and waiting for the energy to flow.

The first place where we should place it is in the bathroom, remembering to change it from time to time.

Then, in the kitchen and dining room are a must, as well as in the bedroom, but no more than two.

It is important to mention that, during the hours of sleep, you have to place them outside the bedroom, so that they do not interfere in our rest, since they breathe oxygen like us.

In the most forgotten corners of the house, the best thing is to put big plants, with good size leaves.

Finally, if we have a corridor, the best way to place them is in zig-zags.

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