Qi Gong, a centennial discipline

For many people, September is the month in which we start from zero, set new goals and try new things. Qigong is not a new discovered practice, but we have recovered it from the past, and thanks God, because it is a perfect exercise before starting the come back to reality, or to start practicing at any time.

A mix between Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation that synchronize moments and breathing in order to obtain all the energy that flows through our body and increase our awareness.

Dated from before than Lao Tzy or Budha, Qigong is undoubtedly the original tool to reduce stress, reason why new generations fall in love with the ancient arts of mindfulness.

We have taken long to recover this practice, but once you test the fluid movements and breathings, which you do not find in other arts, you realize that the effort is worthwhile and that September is wonderful.

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