Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

Let’s talk about conscious consumption, it is important throughout the year, but this month, taking out the wallet is going to be the most repetitive exercise that we are going to do, and that is why before going out with a consumerist mentality, we will see the 3 R’s, but altering the order of the factors.

We are going to make a good KonMari (link) welcome and we will separate in recycle and reuse. Surely you have many things that you can transform and others that you can offer a second life giving them to others such as friends, family, NGOs or websites that promotes the reuse of products like Vestiare (link).

To finish making a list of what to buy and here comes the third R, reduce, less is more, and for it there is nothing better to buy carefully, consciously and thinking about quality, durability and the environment.

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